Modern Maki-e

What is “Modern Maki-e" & how the pens come in our store?

For the pens which came under "Modern Maki-e" line up, "Modern Maki-e" is one of the techniques that we used for the vintage and regular pens which are done by screen printing or printed decorative ultra-thin golden/ colorful paper on the polished Urushi surface of the pens; Then applied transparent layers of Urushi called “Ki-narinuri” over and over by Maki-e craftsman's hand one by one. After each layer is done the pens are kept in for days for drying process. Under each layer of Urushi Ki-narinuri, the real gold or silver powder may use for giving it a special texture. For the final finishing, we coat one more time for the sustainability of the real gold or silver powder used during the process. The whole process takes 10-20 days. Please understand that sometimes some irregularity you may see on layering which is because all done by hand.

Is "Modern Maki-e" can be considered as Urushi Maki-e?

Maki-e in Japanese means "sprinkled picture" the design is made by sprinkling or spraying wet lacquer (Urushi) with metallic powder, usually gold or silver. Modern Maki-e still falls under the category of Urushi Maki-e because of the following characteristics:

  • Applying a sufficient amount of layering with Urushi Ki-narinuri.
  • Usage of solid metal powder usually gold and silver.
  • Follow the traditional techniques of applying Urushi.
  • Comes in decorative designs.
  • Done by human touch and feel.

However, it is not a traditional way of making Urushi Maki-e arts but a modern and contemporary innovative way to find a new approach, since the ultra-thin decorative papers are used instead of painting them.

What is the value of “Modern Maki-e”

The “Modern Maki-e” is the sub-category of premium “Urushi Maki-e” and comes at an affordable price. The price for Pilot & Platinum pens with “Modern Maki-e” is up to $300 and whereas the “Urushi Maki-e” starts from $300 up to $1500 or more. Nakaya has “Urushi Maki-e” up to $4000. Vintage fountain pens are already very rare in the market and the good condition ones with Maki-e come at an expensive price.
May you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anytime.

Why using “Modern Maki-e”?

Simply “Modern Maki-e” adds your vintage pen or regular used pens (Pilot, Sailor & Platinum) more value and gives a unique look. Moreover, it is also one way to preserve your vintage pens that already came with scratches, dents, and irregularity. The layers of “Ki-narinuri” give ultimate protection and strength to your pen.