All About Pen Wing Urushi Art

Pen Wing Urushi Art is Pen Wing Stationery's original technique that we develop to elevate vintage and regular fountain pen to give it a more unique look, design, and value.

Pen Wing Urushi Art techniques is used for vintage and regular pens which are done by applying a screen printing or printed decorative ultra-thin golden/ colorful paper decals on the polished Urushi surface of the pens; Then applied transparent layers of Urushi called “Ki-narinuri” over and over by craftsman's hand one by one. We use not only transparent but Urushi mixing with many colors as well.

We do not use the traditional Maki-e technique to do paintings with colors, instead we use ultra thin decorative papers for the art on the pen. The process is similar to (近代蒔絵) or "Kindai" Maki-e, which is done by many prominent Fountain pen manufacturers. However, we do not just stop there, we go beyond our efforts using real gold, silver, raden and use Urushi in different stages of the process. We elevate the value of the screen maki-e by using different techniques and finally the complicated process turns into art. We call it our "Pen Wing Modern Art", not maki-e but our own art.
We do not like to be categorize our art to be Maki-e or not Maki-e but simply it's our innovative modern art for the new generation, where old tradition meets modern touch.

After each layer is done the pens are kept in for days for drying process. Under each layer of Urushi Ki-narinuri, we apply gold or silver powder to achieve a special carved texture on the exterior of the pen. For the final finishing, we coat the exterior of the pen with a last layer of Ki-Urushi for the longevity of the real gold or silver powder used during the process.

The whole process takes 10-20 days. Please understand that sometimes some irregularity you may see on layering which is because all done by hand.

Pen Wing Urushi Art Process

We design and customized each pen with Pen Wing Urushi Art processes. The design is made by sprinkling or spraying wet lacquer (Urushi) with metallic powder, usually gold or silver on a High Graded decals like the ultra-thin decorative papers that are used instead of painting them...

Pen Wing Urushi Art is inspired by Japanese art and we took color inspiration from Japanese culture and history. When we customize our fountain pen, we are not only applying vibrant and eye catching colors on our pens, but we also apply stories and cultural significance. 


1) Applying a sufficient amount of layering with Urushi.
2) Usage of solid metal powder usually real gold and silver for decoration.
3) We also use decorative papers, Raden (Mother of Pearl), etc. to create a motif that you can see at the surface
3) We Follow the modern techniques of applying Urushi to give it a shinny look. Along the process of applying multiple layering of Urushi, we use the gold, silver powder and then polish it, then apply Urushi all over again.
4) All these process can be different depends what kind of art we are trying to do. 
5) All the decorations are done by human touch and feel and most importantly our artistic sense of creating something new. (Hand Mande in-house customization, our artwork is not by any manufacturers out there in the market but only us)

Pen Wing Urushi Art finds innovative decorations to apply artistic design on fountain pen and pen bodies.

Why Pen Wing Urushi Art?

Pen Wing Urushi Art are modern interpretation of Japanese culture printed on a fountain pen. We love customizing fountain pen and we also love pushing our innovative art forward towards more unique, stand-out, eye catching to even abstract designs. We celebrate culture, history, art, designs and people through our Urushi Art. Don't be surprise when a customized fountain pen of ours reflect your personality, because we design it based on people.



When we customized a fountain pen with Pen Wing Urushi Art, it adds value to your vintage pen or regular used pens (Pilot, Sailor & Platinum) and gives it a more unique look and significance that is exclusive. You cannot find our designs elsewhere and Pen manufactures also do not produce them, they're entire our customized work.  Moreover, it is also one way to preserve your pens to prevent scratches, dents, and irregularity. The layers of “Ki-narinuri” give ultimate protection and strength to your pen..