About us


Greetings from us. Pen Wing Stationery company in Japan.

We are an online stationery store for people in pursuit of the perfect pen, watches and so on. I love fountain pens, watches so much and carry a huge collection on my disposal. I have been collecting the fountain pen for over a decade now and sometimes i share my treasure to you by putting them on auction. It is simply just because it gives me utmost pleasure to share the wisdom, history that lies behind all the vintage pens, watches and Japanese antiques.
Please understand all the vintage items are timeless and money cannot buy. It takes time and effort to collect them and only the collectors who have passion would understand that feeling of joy.
Since the items survived many decades, please accept the flaws that they carry. But certainly they will make you happy and you will be proud to have one of those in your hands and part of the history.
We will always try our best to give you best Japanese customer care as we can.

May you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.

With regards,

Eshi Yasu


Pen Wing Stationary Japan