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Our Story

We are an online stationery store from Japan who's goal is to provide customers who are in pursuit of the providing the perfect, colorful, decorative, and exclusive fountain with unique designs and colors.

Urushi Maki-e market today is filled with expensive and unaffordable pens. While they boast in craftsmanship, not every one can enjoy the beauty of the pen.
We feel that we are called to bring artistic and decorated fountain pens to the masses, by simplifying our Urushi lacquer process and customizing standard catalog pens, altering its appearance and boosting it's design!

We are fountain pen sellers with artistic in mind. 

More than Fountain Pen Sellers we are also fountain pens enthusiast

We open our doors to gift seekers, everyday stationary lovers, fountain pen enthusiast, vintage collectors and Art lovers to buy and own historically rich and artistic fountain pen. 

Pen Wing Stationary focuses on providing customers with the exclusive design and unique and affordable Urushi Art fountain pen.  By sourcing from Local pen artisans, we were able to create a new way of applying lacquer on fountain pens that is both simpler and cheaper compared to Urushi Maki-e which we call, Urushi Art. 

Pen Wing Urushi Art technique cannot be found by other manufactures 

Our Mission

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Unique & Exclusive Designs

We are not restricted by what should and what shouldn't. We thrive to push the barrier of creativity forward by continually providing, unique, out of this world! different, weird and interesting colorful and artistic fountain pens.

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You are the Center of our Designs 

We put you, our customer as the main factor and determination of our designs! Because we love the art and we want to celebrate the art with everyone, We try to listen and create the ultimate fountain pen based on your preference and request!

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