1940s Japanese Stationery


Utilizing unusual materials and showcasing beautiful designs, Japanese fountain pens are works of art. It's rather impressive when one is pulled out from someone's pocket or pencil case, isn't it? Very simple yet attractive and has more than 70+ years of history, I will introduce you fountain pens that were produced in after 1942 when it was the golden era of fountain pen making in Japan. This pen models are made by the many Japanese makers or factories that used to make fountain pens back in 1940s in central Tokyo, and Osaka Japan. Neither the pens or the company does not exists anymore. Some we can see available in the hands of collectors or the stocks that those manufacturers sold to the public. We can see many innovative materials were used during that time such us Ebonite, Celluloid, Windshield materials of aircraft, Bakelite and so on. Pens also came with many interesting filling systems.
Each of the pens were handmade and best sellers during those time, most importantly the finishing of each pens can make a difference when you try to feel it by touching the smoothness and art craft. Nibs are also Japan made handcrafted and have a beautiful flex to it.


I have bought many fountain pens of vintage kind and each Fountain pen is Unique in its own way, I really like this one, buying a Hand-made Fountain Pen from a man that holds it in high esteem gives me pride and joy, the ease at which it writes and the fact that when people see it with me a lot of people ask me where did you get it makes it more appealing. It is a dream to write with and by far one of the best gorgeous fountain pens that I have ever had in my hands. Or I would just say this is the one, one that will blow your mind. All the pens I have tested the filling system, body and also the nib section and all are in perfect condition. If some of them comes with flaws those will be notified in the description section of each listing. I will only going to sell the products which are in working order or minor repair might be needed. I tried these vintage pens and writing with the nib is amazing and seamless. The nib is quite comfortable. Nibs will give quite a line variation to your writing. You would love the pens the same way I do. The pens will dazzle you.

I really like the design of the pens. It has a sturdy look but easy to carry and the balance is perfect. Since it has passed quite a bit time since production, please be aware of some mild rusting that is shown in the pictures, you may not see them because it is so minor but I mention anyway. For details, please check the photos. I tried my best with the pictures for you.


Even if the pens passed though about half a century, cherished the owner of the Japanese manufacturer as I mentioned before kept it beautifully. Under the guidance of his craftsmanship, he taught me how to repair or replace the parts of the pen one by one. Since each of pens are handmade and the mechanism are not available anymore, it will be very hard to repair or replace the pen if you have any maintenance problems. However, please do not worry, I will help you with servicing if you have any problem. All the pens are brand new, was there in stock for a long time. But I have tested the filling system for each to make sure you get the pen in the best condition for writing. Please kindly learn about the vintage pens and how they work before using them. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.