Hana-Nuri 花塗 Urushi Art Collections

A typical Urushi art pen can be made in anything from 5 to 10 layers of Ki-ni Naru Urushi. After base several thin layers of pigments Urushi are applied, each cured and sanded. Our Urushi art uses a high-grade decal seal as a pen decoration that we apply at the base of the pen coated with Urushi layers and Kin-Paku Gold.

Hana-Nuri 花塗 Urushi Art, our latest Urushi technique, replaces the decal seal with real flowers that we use as a decoration on the pen. Flower coating creates a 3D textured feel unto the body of the pen that appears incredible on the eye. 

Steps to achieve Hana Nuri Urushi art 

First Stage

Because we use a real dried sakura leaves, during the first stage is where our artisans pick the right leaf for the pen. Once chose, the artisans iron out the sakura leaf to be as thin as possible

Second Stage

When the first stage completed. our artisans apply the dried leaf on the pen's body and coat the pen with Kininaru Urushi. The later part is up to our artisans wether to include more decoration such as Kin-paku gold or Raden to accompany the sakura leaves .

and the result....