Sailor Wajima Bijou Urushi Lacquer Fountain Pen Collection

Sailor Wajima Collection is a lacquered fountain pen with a traditional craft that uses Wajima lacquer and lacquer technique to embed the recesses (grooves) of the main body and repeat painting and polishing to make the surface smooth and glossy. The border, lid, and breech plug of the main body are finished with colored lacquer, mother-of-pearl, and pure gold powder sowing, which is the image of jewel = Bijou.
The fountain pen itself, which is carefully painted and lacquered one by one by Mr. Takuya Hino, a Wajima lacquer lacquer maker, is suitable for calling it "Bijou". A serial number is put on the lid ring with the original design, and a large 21-karat gold nib unique to Sailor Pen is installed.
There are two colors, coral (pink) and sapphire (blue), and each color is limited to 300 in Japan and overseas.

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