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Our Story

We are an online stationery store from Japan who's goal is to provide customers who are in pursuit of the perfect, Vintage fountain and unique and rich in history fountain pen & stationaries

More than Fountain Pen Sellers we are fountain pens enthusiast

We have been collecting fountain pens for over a decade now with collections ranging in the 1940-2000's model With design that is so rare and exclusive to Japanese domestic market.

We open our doors to gift seekers, everyday stationary lovers, fountain pen enthusiast, vintage collectors and Art lovers to buy and own historically rich and artistic fountain pen. 

Pen Wing Stationary focuses on providing customers with the best preserved and customized vintage fountain pen. Because we love history, culture and art, we try our best to collect rarest product while maintaining its beautiful state using state of the art modern technology and Pen Wing Urushi Art.  

Pen Wing Urushi Art technique cannot be found by other manufactures 

Our Mission

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Vintage Fountain Pens

Pen Wing Stationary offers Grade A Vintage Fountain Pens from Brands such as Sailor, Pilot & Platinum

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Pen Wing Urushi Art

Vintage Pen then is covered in Urushi with Pen Wing Urushi Art for preservation and artistic customization

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